The EUROSUP 2022 will be held from August 27 to September 3, 2022.

The championship will consist of SUP surfing and SUP Racing (sprint, technical racing and long distance) in senior categories and for the first time ever the EUROSUP 2022 will also include a Junior under 18 category.

Below you will find relevant information to all athletes. If you do have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.


National federations that are members of the European Surfing Federation (ESF) will be asked to send their national team roster plan directly to the ESF in order to sign up for the event. Fees are handled by the ESF. If your national federation is not members of the ESF please contact the ESF or Surf & SUP Denmark directly.

Approx. 3 months before the event, an individual athlete registration has to be made through this website in order to get all athletes registered on our official event platform and timing system. At arrival in Hvide Sande, there will also be a mandatory registration on site beginning from August 26.


We are extremely proud and honored to host the EUROSUP 2022 in the beautiful area of Hvide Sande on the west coast of Denmark.

The location offers the frothy, spectacular and massive North Sea on the outside of Hvide Sande which is home to many surfers coming from all parts of Northern Europe and on the huge Fjord on the inside, which offers supreme downwind conditions with waves up to 5 feet depending on the wind conditions.

The landscapes and waters offer the best possible location and conditions for a great and unique EUROSUP 2022 championship – for the best European SUP women and men athletes.


The closest Airport to Hvide Sande is Billund Airport which is about 1,5 hours drive from the event site. However, due to the on ground logistics, high car-rental expenses, the “normal” hassle of flying with board equipement etc., we strongly recommend you to enter Denmark by car. It is by far the easiest way to reach Hvides Sande and your car will also be of good use at the event.

Driving time from the German border to the event site is approximately 2,5 hours. Please download our Travel Guide for more info and tips.


The most convenient accommodation is to book a holiday house nearby the eventsite. However, please be aware that the periode is still part of the high season so book your accommodation as quick as possible. If you book early you will have the best chance to stay close to the event area.

We recommend Esmark Feriehuse for booking of holiday houses.

There are also campsites and hotels. Please download our Accommodation Guide for more info and tips on accommodation.

Disciplines and race courses


The SUP Sprint disciplin is a 200 meter sprint in open ocean. Start and finish line is at the beach approx. 10 meter from shore line. Athletes needs to paddle in between two buoys that are placed 100 meter in a straight line out in the ocean. Athletes can either go left or right around the one of the buoys.

Technical Race

The SUP Technical Race is a course with a total of 7 turn buoys (changeable according to the weather forecast). Start and finish line are approx. 10 meter from the shore. The course is distinguished by a “starting lap” (blue on map, 600 meter) and “continues laps” (orange on map, 800 meter/lap), and in between laps there is a 25 meter run at the beach. Heats and repechage heats are 5 laps including the starting lap (total 3.8K) while semi and finals are 6 laps including the starting lap (total 4.6K).


The longdistance race will act as a downwind race from A to B. The race course is decided according to the wind conditions approx. 48 hours before the race start. Depending on the course the distance is between 13 to 16.8 K.

SUP Surf

The SUP Surf discipline is placed in the marked area south from the southern pier in Hvide Sande. Depending on the weather conditions waves can be between 2-5ft (knee high to head high). Days with the best predicted surf conditions will be selected for the SUP Surf discipline.

For all disciplines rules follows the official ISA Rulebook.

Event venue map

Tip: If you’re on your phone, click on the square in the top right corner to open the map directly in your Google Map App.

Other relevant event information

  • Event site address

    The main eventsite will be at:

    Tungevej 8
    6960 Hvide Sande

    Athletes who want deliveries made to the event (e.g. equipment) can use the following address. However, please let us know by mail/phone if anything is shipped.

    Metheasvej 11
    6960 Hvide Sande
    Phone: +45 21 28 31 08
    Mail: mail@om-hu.dk

  • Program

    Please find the full program here. We’re still adding activities to the program and the program is subject to change so please check in on the program on a regularly basis. Main activities are:

    Opening ceremony: August 27
    Surf and races: August 27 – September 3
    Closing ceremony: September 3
    WATERZ Afterparty: September 3 (afternoon)
    Danish SUP Tour: September 4

  • Food & meals

    We will serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks during the day for all athletes and officials/supporting crew. Meals are nutrient and made with the purpose of keeping athletes going all day.

    Meal plan – price pr. person 140 EUR / 150 EUR including dinner Saturday september 3rd

    (Click for larger picture)

    There are also several good supermarkets in the city near the event site.

  • Equipment storage

    Equipment can be stored at the main event site during the competition days and security will be provided in this period:

    Saturday, August 27 (19 pm) until Saturday, September 3 (18 pm) (if everything is cleared earlier, we will close the storage)

  • Contact information on organizing committee

    Katrine Kock Frandsen
    Head of Project Management
    +45 21 28 31 08

    Surf & SUP Denmark
    Morten Mørup
    Event & Partnership Manager
    +45 28 27 02 24

  • Surf spot and race courses

    The main event site is placed just behind the location of the SUP surfing disciplin. The exact surf spot for the SUP surfing disciplin will be either south or north of the piers (see google maps) depending on the swell conditions. The waves are mainly windswell and can be between 2-5ft. You can find pictures from earlier surf events here to get an understanding of the waves and conditions.

    The SUP sprint will happen in open ocean south from the southern pier whereas the SUP Technical Race will also take place.

    SUP Longdistance is planned to be a downwind race on Ringkøbing Fjord. Start and finish locations will depend on wind directions. It is though most likely that we will have start/finish positions in Hvide Sande and Ringkøbing.

    Detailed race maps and descriptions are available above on this site. Click on each map to download them.

  • Weather Conditions

    The Danish weather in late August and beginning of September can be fickle. Sometimes hot and sometimes cold. Average air temperature during the day is 15° with maximum temperatures around 20-25° during the day and around 10° during the night. However, especially on the west coast it can change rapidly so please bring clothing that is suitable to all kind of weather conditions.

    Water temperature at this time of year is around 15° and we recommend a 3/2 wetsuit.

    Windspeed is normally between 10-30 knots though in rare circumstances we can have days with up to 40 knots.

    Waves are mainly produced by wind and a solid windswell will produce up to 6 feet waves. Less wind and offshore directions can produce 3-4 feet glassy waves.

  • Safety and first aid

    All competition days starts with a safety and race briefing for all athletes – the session will be mandatory.

    Leash is mandatory. You will not get permission to compete without a leash. For SUP racing disciplines PFD (Personal Flotation Device) is optional we though recommend all under 18 to carry a PFD. Remember to dress accordingly to the weather conditions and know your own limitations. Be aware of your fellow competitors and follow any instructions given from our safety crew.

    During the SUP longdistance race, there will be safety boats and a jetskis in the water.  There will be normal first aid kit and paramedics at the event venue in case you need any medical care.